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Abnegation houses: The houses on my street are all the same size and shape. They are made of gray cement, with few windows, in economical, no-nonsense rectangles. Their lawns are crabgrass and their mailboxes are dull metal.

The Pit: It is an underground cavern so huge I can’t see the other end of it from where I stand, at the bottom. Uneven rock walls rise several stories above my head. Built into the stone walls are places for food, clothing, supplies, leisure activities. Narrow paths and steps carved from rock connect them. There are no barriers to keep people from falling over the side. A slant of orange light stretches across one of the rock walls. Forming the roof of the Pit are panes of glass and, above them, a building that lets in sunlight.

“You did that on purpose!” I shout.

Being up this high…It doesn’t scare you at all?

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Divergent Movie

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He plants his hands on either side of my head and leans over me. “Be brave, Tris,” he whispers. “The first time is always the hardest.” His eyes are the last thing I see.

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But the embers are burning inside of me

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